Rent a ball speed radar


Do you play tennis, football, hockey, golf? Do you want a reliable and simple measurement of how fast your ball is?

It can be done easily. Use our “Ball coach radar”!

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  • Extremely accurate.
  • Simple operation (two buttons).
  • Easy to take it with you (can fit in your pocket).
  • Cheap compared to the big systems.
  • Can be used in tennis, football, hockey, and in all sports where the speed of the ball is relevant.
  • Solid and nice design.
  • An added value to your technique learning.
  • Ideal for tennis-academies and clubs.
  • A nice “touch” during events (Who hits the fastest ball? Guaranteed pleasure).

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– €120 per weekend
– €175 per week
The price is all incl. (tax and postal charges).

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