My mission

Boosting your mental toughness during matches! Improving your tactical abilities! Make you see your tennis with different set of eyes!

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Hello, I’m Edvard Igaz

My wish is to help players practice and master new sets of mental skills that will boost their tennis development. Seeing some tennis facts from another angle might set off an “AHAA” that I’m always seeking to create in my teaching and mentoring.

If you feel stuck in your tennis development and want to  seek out new ways of looking upon things, let’s talk about it! Contact me

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For Whom I Сan Be Helpful

following services

Mental toughness coaching for young competitive players

Mental toughness coaching for young competitive players

This group has the greatest need and room for improvement on all fronts. Catch them doing something right and enhance the desired changes.

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Tennistroubleshoot Online Mentoring Program

Tennistroubleshoot Online Mentoring Program

The margin between winning and losing is tiny! The mental and tactical part of your game is probably that difference.

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Mental coaching sessions and video analysis of your matches

Mental coaching sessions and video analysis of your matches

A mental coaching session might be a solution to your problems. How about a video analysis of your match video, with our feedback? You can send it...

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Happy Clients About Me


Ria absolutely loves working with Edi!

We have worked with Edvard several times now. Our daughter Ria is always happy to learn from him. Eddie has a way of getting through to whoever he is coaching and bringing out their best. We constantly say that we wish Eddie lived in the UK close to us. If he did we would always work with him. In the future, we would like to meet up somewhere and work with him for a longer period.

Chris Ferguson (UK)

Chris Ferguson (UK)

I find it intensive and my child learns alot of new things.

He has improved alot tactically, and mentally. He enjoys the trainings very much, and always looks forward to the next session. After the training sessions, he always has a good feeling about the training. The trainer explains everything very clearly, and always has a positive attitude.

Kevin Fogg (New Zealand)

Wij gebruiken "Tennis troubleshoot" voor als onze zoon toernooien in het buitenland heeft. Wij vinden Edi de perfecte trainer & coach voor op deze reizen.

- Bijzonder positieve manier van trainen - op (mentaal) niveau van het kind - Gedreven en enthousiast - Goede tips en perfecte mentale begeleiding. - Duidelijke doelen - Creatief in de trainingen - Hoge intensiteit - Professioneel!

Carina Kaak (The Netherlands)

Mr. Igaz has a great way to comunicate with kids and explain tennis in a easy and very understandable way for kids!!

We had the great possibility to meet and work a few days together with Mr. Igaz! During these five days that he worked with my son Dorian, (9 years) he found things in his tennis we never belived he had in him! He found a genius way to comunicate, explane and work with my son. It was pure joy to watch the training! Never before, in the last 2,5 years, that my kid is in tennis, did anybody work with him in this great way. I will use every opportunity to work togheter with Mr. Igaz again! I can only recommend him!! It was a pleasure!!

Zlatko Stiblik (Croatia)

A coach who works with heart and understanding of children and parents.

We are eager to recommend Edi from personal experience after more trained trainers. My daughter always climbs her level and understands the game to a much better and lenient way.

Sejla Brdarevic (Luxemburg)

Edi is a positive coach that strengthens the player’s tactical and mental capacities.

His teachings have an impact on tennis as well as on life in general!

Daniel Nestor (Canada)Former ATP nr.1 in doubles

Counseling Packages

Live, on-site, personal
1680One week

Receive us in your own country!

One week of training, 6 days active, on court training and one day for coach’s travel – 3 main goals – :

– arrival of the coach to your location
– afternoon test match for analysing purposes
– evening (conversation, evaluation and planning)

– morning practice session (Goal 1)
– afternoon practice session (G2)

– morning practice session (G1)
– afternoon practice session (G2)

– morning practice session (G1+2)
– afternoon match (focus on goals with coaching)

– morning practice session (G3)
– afternoon practice session (G3)

– morning match (focus on all goals with coaching)
– afternoon practice session (open topic – depending on the needs)

– morning practice
– afternoon test match (evaluation)
– coach leaving your location

The price is exclusive travelling, stay and potential rent of courts.


Live, on-site, personal
7203 days

Receive us in your own country!

A weekend of training – 2 main goals – :

– arrival of the coach
– afternoon test match (conversation, evaluation and planning)
evening practice session (Goal 1)

– morning practice session (Goal 2)
– afternoon practice session (G1+2)

– morning practice session (G1+2)
– afternoon practice session and test match with coaching, evaluation
– evening departure of the coach

The price is exclusive travelling, stay and potential rent of courts.


Hourly rate
70per hour
If you would like to hire us for your training and coaching needs, our price is 70 Euro on hourly basis.

On daily basis the price is 240 Euro.

Weekly price is 1680 Euro for 6 active tennis days.

Mental coaching session – 150 Euro

Video analysing of your match sent to us with feedback – 150 Euro

All the prices for  company invoices are excl. VAT and expenses. Companies can also hire us for “Tennis Events” and “Personal Coaching” – please contact us for further details.